iPods @ GCSU

With a 100% wireless campus, a diverse and growing list of iPod projects that enhance teaching and learning, and a new library and Information Technology Center, Georgia College & State University, Georgia's Public Liberal Arts University, is embracing technology. We are leaders in speaking to students in a language they can understand and enjoy! We are one of the largest and most diverse users of iPod technology in higher education in the world! Our iPod Story

The Fall 2005 creation of
The iVillage is one of our most exciting and innovative iPod projects to date. The iVillage is a virtual learning community where members communicate with one another using Apple technology and related resources like WebCT. They are dreaming, planning, creating what may be the first virtual learning community that is student-driven. Just click on the blue iVillage link above to visit "McIntosh Township," est. August 2005.

Course-related iPod Projects span the curriculum and provide new opportunities for interdisciplinary study New venues are createad outside of the traditional classroom for where learning can take place. Click on the link to view the descriptions of each project and links to more about our talented students and innovative faculty.

Beyond the Classroom iPod technology is also at work. We are commited to providing a technologically rich environment. Click on the link to learn how faculty and staff are making use of iPod and Apple technology to enhance the TOTAL learning experience.