NelNet Service

Project Leader: JJ Hayden
Assistant Professor
Facilitator: Linda Irwin-Devitis

The NelNet Servent-Leaders Program was established to help foster Servant-Leadership by teaching and mentoring area youth on College Readiness Outreach Programs using iPod technology. NetNet Scholarship Recipients use iPods to inform middle-grades students about technology in education, and encourage them to consider and plan on an education beyond high school. The NelNet Servant Leaders work with middle grades students in local schools who have been selected because they may not be considering college as an option or may have unrealistic expectations about career options and the educations required to go into those careers.

The Servant Leaders explore middle grade student aspirations in two ways: 1) by working as mentors with students, and 2) conducting research into factors that affect student aspirations. This includes comparing their stories with those of the middle grades students and examining the differences.

the iPods also serve as a mini "Career Center" that can be taken to tutoring sessions where students can hear individuals who work in the careers they are interested in pursuing talking about what it takes to become a....