Civic Engagement (Coverdell


Project Leader: Gregg Kaufman
Director, Coverdell Institute

Fostering Civic Engagement in Other Lands is a collaborative initiative involving the American Association of State Colleges & Universities, the American Democracy Project and the Eastern and Central European Association of Universities for Democracy. This initiative partners American public universities with Central and Eastern European universities in a common exploration of democratic principles and practices. GC&SU is partnered with Immanuel Kant State University in Kaliningrad, Russia. Students and faculty will share lectures, research, and projects related to each school's civic engagement activities. In October 2005, Dr. Andrei Barkovskii, GC&SU Assistant Professor of Microbiology, traveled to Kaliningrad for an initial meeting with Dr. Vera Zabotkina at Immanuel Kant State University and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working partnership.