Special Education Cohort
Project Leader: Cara Meade
Assistant Professor
Special Education & Educational Leadership
Facilitator: Charlie Martin

The Special Education Cohort is using iPods to both listen to existing web content and to produce their own content to share with other students and with teachers and administrators in their field placements.

Their first assignment was to interview school faculty members and administrators to determine the barriers to special needs students receiving the services they required.  Information collected, using iPods with iTalk microphones, was then shared back on campus and analyzed.  Groups of students drew conclusions about the barriers and made recordings to share among cohort members, using examples from their data collection to support their points.

Next steps are to locate and produce audio content that addresses the barriers they identified. It is hoped that these materials can be shared with teacher candidates, teachers, and administrators via the cohort's podcast channel. The group plans to compile and analyze interviews using iPods with iTalks and produce a multi-media document defining obstacles to services, contributing factors, and possible solutions.