This is Your Brain...
Project Leader: Noland White
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Through a partnership with Pyramis Studios, Inc., we are using SylviusVG, iPod Edition, a visual glossary of the human brain and spinal cord. This resource contains information on more than 400 neuroanatomical structures and terms. Students in Clinical Neuroscience use SylviusVG, iPod Edition, for specific assignments as well as a portable resource to facilitate the learning of human central nervous system anatomy.

Other resources related to Clinical Neuroscience are also delivered via the iPod. For instance, students can watch a brain dissection video anytime, anywhere. Students also listen to MP3’s and podcasts related to course topics/issues, some of which are the basis for reaction papers. Lastly, as students progress through the material, they have the opportunity to submit “muddy points” to the professor via email and the points are then clarified via weekly audio/video podcasts.