To Become an iPod Project Leader...

Got a great idea for an iPod Project? We're always looking for diverse & innovative ways to put this remarkable tool to work! The first step in the process is to fill out an iPod Project Proposal form. Be as detailed as possible in how you plan to use iPods, your goals and objectives, and who will benefit from the project. We like to see interdisciplinary projects that utilize more than one function of the iPod (i.e. music & text, music & images, video), and it's especially nice if the project benefits not only your own students but others as well. For instance, some of the School of Education's iPod Projects affect youth at local schools in Milledgeville in a very positive way.

Here's a link to the
iPod Project Proposal Form. Just print it out, fill it in, and drop by the iPod Project Coordinator's office @ 104B Chappell Hall. The campus mail address is Campus Box 034.

Once the proposal is submitted, a committee from the
iDreamers group will evaluate it and decide whether it is economically and logistically feasible. The process doesn't take long and yes, you can submit more than one proposal at any given time.

There are obligations/responsibilities that come with being a Project Leader:

You must let Technology Solutions know if a student who has been issued an iPod in one of your classes, drops the class without returning the iPod.

We frequently need information, photographs, etc. for publicity, exhibits and the like and we look to YOU, the people
have actually been successful to support us in return.

With the current staffing level in Technology Solutions we have adopted the "Train the Trainer" philosophy. Our staff will train Project Leaders and Facilitators who, in turn, are able to train students.