What's an iPod?


The iPod was a terrific device when introduced back in 2001. Apple has continued to develop the iPod, giving it a slimmer, sleeker exterior, while expanding its capacity and capabilities. The user interface has also evolved as Apple seeks to find the most intuitive, user-friendly design. The result is a piece of hardware that anyone, even the most technology challenged faculty or student, can use with ease.

An iPod is much more than "just a little boombox." At Georgia College iPods have become an incredible teaching tool that is being used in many different ways to speak to today's students in a language they can understand and enjoy.

We've been using iPods for several years now and we still use those first generation "oldies" too. Some of our applications utilize only the audio functions of the iPod and these "retro" models are perfect for language and music listening lessons. Newer models, are used for interdisciplinary applications that link music, art, literature, even architecture to illustrate and explain common themes. Now with the advent of the video iPod, we're doing math modeling and addressing the needs of hearing impaired learners through animation.

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