As often as we can, iDreamers--members of the GCSU community meet to learn more about iPods and iLife. Committed to the concept that student learning is not just a classroom activity but a life activity, we discuss how these Apple tools, which are making a significant impact on GCSU classrooms and teaching, can also be used to engage students in learning beyond the classroom and enhance their campus life experience. What results is an outpouring of ideas and suggestions which continues to flow. Here are some of our iDreams...

Picture Books
Building Maps
Department - Majors provides slide shows for students
Peace Corp to Students
civic engagement activities - speeches
Web CT information
Skills & Techniques Nursing
Tours - Bob Wilson
Library orientation - library resources - items available
Library how-tos using online resources
Debates - Presidential
Group Students by classes, departments, residence halls
Scavenger hunt of town to help learn area
Capstone Experience/DVD Portfolio of work housed in the career center post graduation
3 R's
Orientation to Core
Personal Advisor - academic records, advisor notes
iSite - online office hours or tutors
integrate with student road map
Video may be used to create class presentations; uploaded to a website rather than using class time for it
iPod to each student with an iBook at graduation
iPod community for freshmen
Admission Interview, video clips
Roommate Guide - Life Skills/relationships/guidelines
Conflict resolution/sister institution
Distance Education Exchange
Know your legislators
Athletic Stats
Foreign Language/ English tips or simple common phrases to assist with communications with others
Individualized fitness plans - possibly connected to the calendar
RSO, Clubs, etc information
Audio or image clips promoting the jazz band, theatre, upcoming events
Academic Planner - download to iPod sync to laptop
Guides to labs
Preview of courses and sections
Master Calendar
International Students could use to show people at home their environment, show people here their homeland
Students could share skills/knowledge
Faculty & Administrator profiles
community building - adding & sharing between areas
Circles Group
Infrared - development
iLife lab in all the Residence Halls with Demo (iRATS ?)
Technology tips for the faculty to use in the classroom (projectors, classroom equipment)
iPod as a dating service (FaceBook)
Resource of Required text books
job opportunities
catalogs, syllabi dates, course offering, major requirements
Livetime prompt/response
Research to record data
Exposure to Arts
Molecular Modeling
Coverdell Works
Coverdell Newsletters
Legislative Initiatives
Information to faculty to reduce meeting times
Virtual archive
Living & Learning Community applications
Coverdell "movie trailers" of coming attractions
Coverdell World Wise Schools connect with active Peace Corp volunteers
Create an entire Capstone experience for the students - portfolio from freshman to graduation
iPod for Music Therapy research - have a test case of tips for handling anxiety if therapist is unavailable - does the iPod group handle better than non-iPod students.
Information on career and job opportunities - departments could provide unique jobs for their majors
iPods for Latin
Programming Embedded Systems - a shared special topics course for CSCI/CBIS majors in programming applications (or games) on the iPod.
Student clubs and organizations
Directions to Blue Light Emergency boxes
Steps to recognize and help students in distress
Interviews with visiting artist, authors and other VIPs on the iPod
Selections from the Peacock's Feet
Calendar of Community/Town events (band performing downtown, etc)
Audio descriptions of service areas such as Student Health, SERVE, Writing Center, etc.
Infomercials of things to do and places to go
Community service project - oral history, pictures
Alumni building possibilities - alumni sharing what the university was like when they were here
Load training videos about different teaching techniques, articles, and other resources for faculty in conjunction with CETL
Develop a problem-solving application for world civ modeled on the "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" game.
iLife applications (iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, and iTunes) could be useful creating a "Campus Life Documentary" DVD -- sort of a 21st Century Yearbook project.
Student Planners with the iCal/iPod tandem.
Be very focused on implementing a set of programs that will *actually be used* and provide a *unique benefit* to our students and university.
Find ways to turn these technologies into programs that motivate students to *stay on campus* more, especially over the weekends.