We call our R&D "iPilots" because they're just getting off the ground (or taxiing down the runway!). A lot of work goes into developing an iPod project and we test them rigorously before we introduce them to students. Here's what we're currently working on:

Mathematics on my iPod!
Project Leader: Lila Roberts

Professor & Chair, Mathematics
Visualization is the key to learning Math. By employing video iPods, concepts are illustrated dynamically, graphically, and animatedly as opposed to the static graphics in textbooks. Visualizations are augmented with audio and captions/subtitles via the notes function of the iPod to guide student inquiry. While the use of visualization is not novel, the use of hand-held technology to deliver visualizations in a portable and novel way makes this project particularly innovative. Another plus is that the video iPod can be used to address accessibility issues for hearing-impaired learners.

Wilderness Emergency Response Training
Project Leader: Jude Hirsch

Professor, Outdoor Education
In the process of conceptualizing the ER work. At present four graduate students are working on the project. Implementation will take place next semester (Spring '06) and some undergraduate students may join the team. An informal statement about the work might be; "the project is intended to provide ongoing input into emergency response training scenarios to better simulate an emergency scene in which the role of the trainer would be less obtrusive than traditional training methods and trainees must respond to changes in the scene that are provided in a sequential and timely fashion.

Maymester in Sweden
Project Leader: Brian Mumma

As the relationship between Sweden Abroad classrooms and the GCSU Partner School classrooms has grown the potential for meaningful collaborations has increased. Students will produce video storytelling clips that can be utilized in classroom collaborations. These include: clips that express the learning environments in Sweden and here at home, clips that emulate a "day in the life" of a student living and working abroad (students live with host families while in Sweden), and clips that can be utilized to create a video-based messaging system between the classrooms that discuss and share their learning and understandings from the collaborative curriculum. Clips may also be shared via the program

Collegiate Music Educators
Project Leader: Patti Tolbert

Associate Professor, Music & Theatre
Music Education Coordinator
Music Education students are perfect candidates for using iPods. They will build libraries of music from all over the world for use in performing ensembles, at conferences, and yes, in their classrooms. They will also collaborate on other ideas for uses of the iPod in teaching music.

Dance to the Music!
Project Leader: Betty Block

A wide variety of music from folk to ballroom dance will be "voiced over" with the instructor calling the steps for each dance. These audio files will be loaded onto iPod Shuffles that student dancers will be able to wear on their arms (attached by armbands) allowing individual practice on needed skills appropriate to each student's level and pace.

Pending Approval

iNternational Vocal Literature
Project Leader: Wendy Mullen
An extensive private collection (on loan) of world music is being converted to MP3 files by a student worker. To have this collection on iPods for student listening/learning anytime/anywhere, companions and even goes beyond textbook used in the course. Students study art song from several countries in several languages and the notes function of the iPod will be used to provide translations, photos of relevant musical scores will be shown to the listener, as well as other material that supports the music and the time and place in which it was written.

Project Leader: Wendy Mullen

Singers are not only required to master their instrument and singing in several languages, but also to perform their songs with the best acting skills and least amount of nervous ticks and tensions. It is imperative that students watch themselves perform. Student performances will be captured via digital video, and immediately downloaded for review by the student and their peers who will critique one another's skills and point out areas that need more practice.

Foreign Language Mansion Tours
Project Leader: Matt Davis
The Old Governor's Mansion is increasingly hosting foreign visitors who do not speak/read English. By creating in several different languages, tours of the mansion on iPod, non-English speaking visitors can enjoy the same tour as native English speakers. Graduate students in language study will record the tour in their respective languages.